Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday/Black Friday fun

So I went out on Friday to my Dad's to pick up my Birthday gift and do you know what it was? A gift certificate to my LBS. Super-sweet! So I headed out there to see what
could add to my homebrew kit. I settled on two recipes(a blonde ale and a huge hoppy IPA)and their ingredients along with a couple books on brewing and some bottles/caps. I get home and put all my new shiny stuff away for the time being since I wasn't sure when I going to brew. At a few minutes to 7PM, after I had finished racking my first brew attempt from two weeks earlier, I lay out the ingredients for the blonde and notice that I'm missing the grains. Where did they go? I check and double check everything that came in my box o' goods and the grains were nowhere to be found.

So I made a quick call to the LBS and found out that I had about an hour to get out there and pick up my grains or I would have to wait 'till the morrow. Anybody who knows me knows tomorrow is never an option!So I run out to the car and head back out to the brewstore. Fast forward two hours later and I turn the stove back on under my brewpot. My whole kit got to sit for the two hours in a warm vat of B Brite sanitizer while I was away, so that's a good thing. This was brew attempt number 3 and it was by far the most relaxed I have been while brewing. It felt nice to not be totally stressed during brewday.

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