Monday, July 4, 2011

Labels and a happy 4th

My buddy Alec was down this past weekend for a bit and we started on the laborious task of finding custom labels/selecting the artwork for said labels. I had wanted to go with a font that was readable from afar but had some life or spunk to it. After searching for a couple hours we settled on one that fit both bills nicely. Not only that but it was on sale to boot! Suzi ended up buying it for me for being such an awesome fiance (blush).

As far as the art style I wanted I hemmed and hawed in my head for a few days and decided on staying local. By consensus we decided that my old hometown just didn't offer enough compelling sights, but Monmouth County (where I've spent most of my life) offered up some varied and beautiful locales. Also in my head I saw the art direction itself being in the Monet inspired impressionist theme. So it would be local sights and scenes but through the impressionist eye.

The sample shots were taken by Alec while visting on his wonderful Canon G10 digital. Many thanks go out to him for his help with all things artitistic.

And a very Happy Independence Day to the U.S.A.

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