Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ahh yes, good times

Brewed and bottled last night and it felt great. We made our first attempt at a Duvel-esqe clone named The Devils Nightmare. Very light in body but tons of flavor and alcohol. We used some new equipment in the process courtesy of Suzi's gift certificate that she very thoughtfully gave me the other day. Consisted of a new burner (SP-10) and a 30qt. brewkettle.

We double barreled the bottling as we tackled the Scotch and Blonde ales. The Scotch smelled soooo good, it took alot of self control to not drink it out of the carboy. I'll be giving both of them plenty of time in the bottle to condition, minimum of three weeks. That leaves just the IPA in secondary where it will be for a little while longer before either tertiary or bottle. Stay tuned

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