Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A delicious blonde

So I batted .500 with the two new brews. The blonde ale is stunningly good while the Scotch ale....
not so much. I mean it tastes good and smells like heaven but is not carbonated one iota. Dunno if I left it in the primary too long on the trub or what could have happened. I wonder if I can fix it?

Onto the Blonde. It turned out waaay smoother than the first batch I attempted. Much less of the rye flavor up front and in your face but just enough to know it's there. Much better job on my and Jr's part. It will be accompanying me to the BWO meeting this weekend. Hope it makes me proud.

edit 7/12/11
The Scotch ale is now a wonder itself. It is a spitting image of the SA Imperial Series Wee Heavy almost so similar it's uncanny. I guess age can do wonders to a beer. Unfortunately for me I only have about six bottles or so left. I guess there's always next years batch.

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